the fungal welcome mat

If you get a chance to hear Greg Marley speak on mushrooms definitely take it. He was absolutely marvelous. I am even more excited about mushrooms now than before, if that is at all possible. He gave an in depth overview the first half of the morning and then we went on a thrilling mushroom walk in the afternoon that everyone was so engaged in, we were late getting back to the center to cook up our mushrooms. But cook up some mushrooms we did and, oh, are honey mushrooms sooo good.

The major things I gleaned were – there is a lot to know about mushrooms and, aside for a few mushrooms that are pretty hard to mistake, many mushrooms look like each other and you can easily pick a mushroom that will make you sick or even kill you when you are first are starting out. So go slow. I did a little research on the net and I found out that even the King Bolete has a look alike that made someone violently sick. Also there are a bunch of recommended precautions to take with mushrooms, as you would anything made of protein, such as cook it well, don’t eat anything past it’s prime, and be careful where you got it from since mushrooms take up things from their environment. Lastly, people can have allergies to mushrooms, just like anything else – so just try a little the first time you have a particular mushroom. With all these precautions and warnings you might think that we would have all come away scared to lay hands on one of the little sweeties. But I know that I and everyone around me was just soaking it in because the most important thing that we learned was, this is do-able, you just have to be thorough about educating yourself.

So I just sent in my application to join the Maine Mycological Association (only $12 a year!) and I can’t wait for our first walk! Meanwhile, I’ll be walking in our woods, continuing to observe the ones I find on the estates, reading the lists and taking lots of pictures.


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