glorious morning

The sun is streaming in the windows this morning – goodness, I love my little house in the morning. My parents built this house and I imagine sometimes that they must have loved morning light because the house seems to just welcome it in. My parents always called it “The Cottage”, probably as a joke since it is so small and many of the summer home “cottages” along the Maine coast are so big. But it has wood paneling, wood floors and wood trimmed windows so it is an honest little house. Saturday, we put a big ceiling fan in the cathedral ceiling and installed our wood stove today, so this has been a home improvement weekend. I would really like to get out and weed my vegetable garden and take out all the spent tomatoes. But we are having a party on Monday, so I must take care of other things first.

For the party I’ll be making cheesecake, I found a wonderful blog called home cooking rocks and I am going to try and make a variation on her cheesecake, perhaps with a raspberry topping instead the blueberry, since I picked so many raspberries this summer! I also want to make it with a chocolate crust and perhaps chocolate under the raspberries… we will see.  I think the lemon cheesecake will be a yummy complement.

I have been mentally adjusting my garden for the moment when I will have a little time to work on it. I have a porch on the eastern side of my house that has a shady garden on the northern side and a sunnier garden on the southern end. I love the tiny shady garden – it has Aruncus, Veronicastrum, Astilbe and I would like to put in some Chelone at some point but haven’t gotten around to it yet.

The sunnier garden is not yet arranged to my satisfaction partially because my sweetie doesn’t like the Plume Poppy I have in it, it makes him think there is someone peering in our windows the way it waves in the wind. I replaced it at the end of this summer with Joe-Pie Weed and huge mass of baby Thalictrum, that need to get a great deal bigger. And then I stuck in a nice climbing Hydrangea (that I will probably regret when it pulls down our porch), a Spice Bush, three Monarda, three Echinacea, a Stella de Oro Daylily, a Chive, Dahlias, a Columbine, some Hayscented Ferns and to top it all off a Dogwood seedling that I rescued. Plus, I want a pink Japanese Anemone but it is a bit crowded, to say the least, and I need to get the rest of the Plume Poppy out… if I can.

It’s something of a project and getting a little late for me to be doing anything but get my wood in. I may just wait until spring. I also have two Lilacs I want to move, plus the plants in the holding area waiting to go in and… whew! I may just put the plants that are out of the soil in and call it good! I will have to be good and not look at the catalogs this winter… definitely… now be good, Katy!


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