a path to the sea

Today I got to make a path down to the shore! Imagine a sea of juniper over looking a bright blue ocean dotted with islands. It was beautiful. Sage had put little pink tags all along where she thought the path might work but I had the freedom to follow the contours of the land and the movement of the juniper. It all ended up in a little protected hollow under an apple tree, over looking the ocean. I cleared out the goldenrod and stickers under the tree and found a mossy covered rock, just right for sitting on. I thought, “what a perfect place for a picnic!” Perhaps next time, we can take our ten-thirty break down there – but we may not be back for a while.

Oh, and I finally got my massage. It was wonderful!

I actually got a little lost getting to Amna’s (the massage therapist’s) house. I couldn’t find the directions in my email she had said she would send me, but I had just done a big email purge and so I figured I had jettisoned it by mistake (it turned out she couldn’t send it because of internet difficulties).  Tilly said she knew Amna and gave me the directions verbally but she didn’t know the house number, or exactly where it was so I figured, no problem- I’ll just call her when I get there. Oops, the cell phone coverage was very spotty. But at last I got her on the phone and got directions after getting to know the pretty little cape she lives on a lot better. Her studio is in a wonderful funky little house with a tiny door that you have to bend over to walk through- she calls it her Namaste door :). I felt like she asked me excellent questions so she could really understand what is going on. And it was a huge relief. She says that I haven’t done any lasting damage (but that I should be careful because I still could) to anything- it was muscular. The massage was lovely and very thorough. I came away feeling a trailing off of sadness, like rubbing the muscles had released it and the pain. I think Amna anticipated that I would just want more because she gave me some oil that she said Jack should rub on my back – yum! If it weren’t 5am, and he wasn’t asleep, I would have him do it right now!


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