more paths

Jack, Yva and I went to my uncle and aunt’s tonight to chat and lend a little hand. They had a few computer questions for Jack and they have been wanting to figure out some of the landscaping around their house with me.

I think that they essentially didn’t want it to look too different (and I agreed, it already is pretty nice) they just wanted to tweak it a bit to make it feel a little prettier/more cohesive and nicer to be in. My aunt took me down in the copse to show me where she had marked all the ladyslippers so that people and deer wouldn’t step on them. She was worried that they would fade out now that the tree that was shading them had died.¬† But my uncle felt like he wanted nature to decide the formation of that bit of woods, so we moved on to the path they wanted in the field.

They described how the path was originally, down the middle of the field, and showed how they had just planted two forsythia plants on either side to mark the beginning. But I could tell that it all didn’t feel quite right to them. As we were talking about it, I had a sudden brainstorm, why not make the path go by the side of the woods (so you could see the lady slippers). It meant the path could have an already established boundary on one side and they could put in a smaller shrub/perennial/tree border on the other side that would look like the field was transitioning into the woods. When I was thinking about it, I envisioned it as being an extension of the woods, so the path would be of pine needles- or whatever blended nicely.

The other idea I had was putting blueberries in the middle of their round-about, which currently contains grass, with some sort of path across it. My aunt’s eyes just lit up thinking about that – which just pleased me to no end. Designing people’s gardens and having them get excited about my ideas is very addictive. I have been thinking a lot about it this year and it has started to be an itch inside of me – the artist in me just wants to compose! So a couple of weeks ago, I talked to Sage about leaving the team, perhaps in two to three years. She was incredibly supportive. But I’ll need to do some real work to get ready to my satisfaction, and I’ll need the time to do it. I have been thinking that I really love small gardens- small projects that I can imagine and execute, perhaps with a small team of my own. Hum… things to think about.


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