mentally prepared

As I have said before, at times we definitely do things not at the optimal moment, especially for the plants. So yesterday we were looking at the hostas and deciding whether or not they would go down- ie would we take off their foliage for the winter. They were downright beautiful but we are now getting frost at night so their days were numbered anyway.  I was cutting back everything around them, and it is easier to cut hostas when they have not gotten slimy and wilted…. They got cut but I had to mentally prepare myself before doing it.

Today we are going to cut back the rest of another client’s garden…. and move some dirt. Sage laughingly added that last bit under her breath when she was letting me know the agenda. We have all been feeling the strain of fall projects and she is going to her chiropractors this evening, so we exchanged a few jokes about being sick today. But this morning I just had to laugh, I actually woke up with a sore throat. She just wouldn’t believe me….


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