dumping pots & making beds

This morning it was so cold I wished I had my down jacket instead of “just” a fleece, a cashmere sweater and my lovely LL Bean shell. I need to remember to bring real mittens too, or warmer work gloves would be good. Now we have a wood fire going in the lovely little Morso stove that my brother-in-law lent us. We will have to get one of our own at some point so I was looking at them on line tonight- we had also considered a Jotul and Jack joked that our stove was like a Jotul only More-so.  It is sweet and puts out a good amount of heat for our little house.

Anyway, Tilly thought that it wouldn’t get warmer today- but it did get better with the sun. Still, in the morning, we were blowing on our fingers while cutting off little saplings and putting salt on them.  Making the lilly bed wasn’t too labor intensive at this stage since we are first covering it with a black woven cloth to kill the turf, and then pining the cloth with irrigation staples.  But with the cold and moving the huge pots to dump the old annuals and soil out of them, I was determined again to not do this until my body dies out on me. I discussed it with Tilly and she said, “Design”. I think she’s right, and it would make sense with all the training I’ve had in art, so I checked out the Columbia masters in Landscape Design program… but Jack says he doesn’t want to live in a city… I understand, it feels like we just got back to Maine. Though he says Istanbul would be fine… hum, maybe they have a good residential Landscape Design program in English in Istanbul. I wonder what zone Istanbul is…


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