a nice Saturday mushroom hunting, etc.

This morning we took Yva out to a play group she may spend one morning a week at. Since we were very early, we took a little drive down the road and found a really pretty little dead end street. When I got home I looked at the card I had gotten from the lady who wanted some gardening done next year (who I had met at the writing group) and realized we had gone right by her house!

In the afternoon, we all went mushroom hunting since it was such a gorgeous day- though I carried Yva most of the way in the pack. But she liked getting out in the woods and kept pointing out mushrooms to me from her perch. In fact, we found plenty of mushrooms but many were completely gone by. I could identify none with absolute certainty save one sort, Irregular Earth Tongues, but the triumph I felt over that one totally made up for the others.

My good friend, Lola, at work gave me a lovely little Mushroom Pocket Field Guide by Howard E. Bigelow that she was getting rid of since she is moving. It seems to me to be the perfect book to get in this manner- I didn’t have any expectations of it to be disappointed and therefore I could just be pleased by its compactness and brevity. I found myself feeling very curious as to what were the mushrooms in 1974 (the year it was published) that they thought would be best for everyone to know. They seem to be pretty evenly spread between edible mushrooms and deadly poisonous ones, which strikes me as good choices.

After mushroom hunting, we went out to eat and I bought myself a pair of really warm mittens for gardening at the discount store.  I am determined to be warmer on Monday. They are called Grand Sierra Bec-Tech – I think they are snowboarding mittens so they are completely water proof on the palms! I couldn’t find anything similar on Amazon but Ebay was selling something similar. They are good because they are not too bulky so I’ll be able to work with them, I hope.

With everything taken care of I was absolutely pooped when we got home and I “had” to go lie down and nurse right away.  So nice to have an excuse :).


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