The Mother Root

I’ve been sick for the last week which is why it has been a while since I posted last. Halloween was fun though, we carved our jack o’lantern, baked ginger cookies and had a night in.

Today was my first day back at work and it was wicked cold, I’ll have to remember to wear my insulated boots tomorrow. We planted bulbs, pulled annuals and dug dalhias- being careful to label them. Sage talked about putting sulphur on the dalhia bulbs, she said she used it when she cut the roots to divide them but wasn’t sure about doing it when they weren’t cut so I went and looked it up. The American Dahlia Society had a pretty complete article about storing dahlias and it said that “almost everyone throws away the mother root” and keeps the cuttings for the next year. Which is why there would be cut ends each year that needed to be treated.  Sage usually stores our bulbs for us so I have no idea what she does with the mother root, I’ll have to ask her.

I am feeling a bit like the mother root tonight. Not something that everyone throws away but something that has stores of energy for wintering over.  I’m all cuddled in next to the fire enjoying my home and being well on this crisp fall night.


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