shovel pruning

Today I heard a funny term that I had never heard before, shovel pruning (otherwise known as just digging it out). I got a good giggle out of that. In theory, I like the idea of the cycle of life with things going into the compost and coming back out again as good rich soil but in practice I find myself bringing home every little pathetic root that has a tiny bit of green on it hoping to nurse it back to health. I guess I just can’t get away from my roots (heehee).

One thing I can say about sulfur is – don’t get it in your eye, ouch! We sulfured all the dahlia roots we dug up today because Sage said the place we were storing these dahlias was going to be wet. I asked her about the mother roots and she said she didn’t know about them – so I gave her the link I had found and she said she would go and visit it to see about it. I love that she is honest about what she doesn’t know and she is so good at following up on things – I think we both just really like researching.

Tilly and I spent the balance of the day raking leaves and I think I am becoming a connoisseur of leaves. Oak leaves are really the best to rake up because they don’t stick in your rake tines like maples do and are nice and stiff.  Cherry leaves are nice but really too small for effective raking, and Japanese maples are so pretty that I find I want them to stay where they are. Birches are better for raking than maples since the leaves are nice and regular, and such a cheery golden color. When I rake I try to be really good about switching sides every few strokes so I don’t get a repetitive stress injury. Sometimes I even feel a little bit like I am dancing, stroke stroke stroke, switch, stroke switch, stroke stroke switch.

It’s storming tonight and it may be my imagination but I can almost hear the wind blowing down the leaves. I had a friend in for tea today and I was commenting on how I love how in touch with the weather I have become as a gardener.  I’m listening to the rain now and it just makes me so happy.


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