I finally got my dahlias out and cut back the rest of my garden just in time for the torrential rains we got here. After the rain, I found a huge amount of oyster mushrooms on our dead walnut tree, which I baked up. The walnut tree had just died, which we were sad about but I was glad to find mushrooms on it. I did all the research to make sure I had a positive id, including taking a spore print, and then I tried a little and waited 24hrs to see if I had any allergies- but nope, I didn’t. Very exciting, my first foray into actually eating the edible mushrooms I’ve found! Next time, however, I will sauté them, instead of roasting them. Anyway, it is now officially wet and cold which makes baking a real joy.

Yesterday, as a special treat, I got to go to a beach and collect seaweed to fertilize a client’s garden! I have actually never done it before, and since we don’t cover it with black plastic I have disliked the way we find stray bits of seaweed in the garden in the spring but it is a really good fertilizer and it is free, which makes it even better. It was a sweet little cove with lots of seaweed, we hardly made a dent in the amount that was washed up on the beach, and we got most of what we needed in four short trips- I used the wheel barrow and a plank to ramp it up on my truck. Tilly said, “Now you’re a real hippy chick,” looking at the seaweed splayed out all over my truck. I liked the image but washed my truck to get the salt off when I got home.

The seaweed was absolutely drop-dead gorgeous all different shades of greens, oranges and browns swirled together. Sarah, who we are taking Yva to for a kind of play group, made the kids this wonderful quinoa/sushi rice with kelp mix for snack. Oh, it was so good (we haven’t actually left Yva on her own yet, so I enjoyed the snack too). Anyway, I inspected the seaweed we were gathering to see if any might be edible but I really know very little about seaweeds and Tilly said it all looked like rock weed to her. I’m going to have to look up seaweeds now.


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