beautiful weekend

I thought we were going to slip right into winter the way the weather was going, so this weekend was a total gift of the universe as far as I am concerned. It was absolutely beautiful. Sunny, blue skies, warm enough so that Yva could run about outside in her preferred state of undress (ah, to be two again). And copious fun events to go to.

I have to admit, when Johnny’s sent me my Jerusalem Artichokes out of the blue four days ago, I had a panicked “Oh, my god, I’m not going to get to plant these till spring” moment. Oh, ye of little faith. I should have know that Johnny’s has an in with the weather gods. Not that I have been such an ardent follower as of late; the graphic design of the Seed Saver’s catalog is just so yummy, you should see their seed packets too, and I love imagining I am planting something that just managed to be discovered by a careful gardener. But I got a nice gift certificate to Johnny’s for my birthday (and one to Fedco too! Aren’t I a lucky chicky!) so I ended put in an order with them. In case you aren’t aware, Johnny’s and Fedco are Maine companies, which is one reason why so many Maine gardeners I know like to support them. Sooo, Saturday was Jerusalem Artichoke planting day (as well as rug washing day- whew, it was big, heavy and I am relieved I didn’t ruin it).

Then in the evening we had a nice dinner with a couple, Aaron and John, and their son, Elliot, who was two, all of whom we had met at Yva’s play group. Aaron gave me a “mother”, which up until she told me about it I had always thought was either a term for a female who has born a child or a swear word, but it turns out it is also a really icky looking sludge that you put on top of tea to make kombucha. I told all the women at work about it and they excitedly told me the equivalent of, “Hey babe, where have you been!” It turns out there may even be specific mother’s for different kinds of vinegars. Wow! Aaron said, when she gave it to me Saturday night, “Don’t worry, it won’t be a pain like some of those things people pass around, you can put it in the fridge when you don’t feel like making it.” I had an amusing moment on Sunday morning, though. I was all bleary from just waking up and I looked in the fridge and said to Jack, “Eeew, what’s this… Ooh, that’s right, never mind.”

Sunday, Yva and I went to a tipi raising party, complete with a pot-luck brunch and tons kids. And then I thought I was going to the dump but luckily I remembered I was supposed to go to my friend Lola’s to help her dismantle her veggie garden and move all her gardening stuff to her new house, so I did that instead. It was great – Lola joked, “what do gardeners do for fun on weekends,” but she is right. And it was so glorious out. Yva slept in the car between the two events and need a little nursing when she woke up so I got to sit in the sweet smelling hay while my baby nursed at the top of a gentle slope over looking the ocean and fields with horses in them. I felt like I was in an Andrew Wyeth painting, actually Christina’s World to be exact.


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