the last day of the season

Sage and I discovered each other wandering through the huge discount store in the next town over last night. She said, “I’m looking for cloth, maybe I can do a little sewing this winter.” And I said, “I can’t believe it is over for the season, I’m feeling a little discombobulated.” She laughed and said, “Me too.” As much as I have been needing a break to give my body a chance to recover from the  intensity of fall projects I am feeling the usual sadness of the end of the season.

Yesterday, everyone on the crew was talking about what we are going to do this winter. Do we work, do we not? Are we going to do some projects that we feel like we’ve been aching to do this summer or will the urgency wear off? Lola was saying that she would like it if she could just treat her time like a job so that she could get her new house in order and do all the things she wants to do. That strikes me as very sensible. Jack and I discussed how we were going to divide up the time now that I’m not working. We decided that I would be with Yva in the morning now with the possibility that some days he would work longer at a clients if he needed to. So I spent the morning with Yva, playing with her and cleaning the house so that I wouldn’t spend my time cleaning when it was my time to work and get more things done. That is my real downfall, if it needs to be clean I will spend all my free time doing that because it drives me crazy to be alone in a house that needs major work. I think I have a middle of the road tolerance for messiness; I look around the house right down and I see a few piles and a little dirt (where the wood goes into the wood stove) on the floor, but over all it is picked up, the dishes are done and the rug is vacuumed. I’m ok with that. I can usually do something in whatever room Yva is playing in and I’m alway happy to stop to chat, read a book or play with her for a second- since housework is far from my favorite thing in the world.

So now that Jack and Yva are off together riding her bike at the park and running some errands I am getting to do some things that take more concentration- like writing in this blog. I also started weaving on my table loom for the first time since I got it. I want to make Christmas presents this year with an eye towards figuring out what I could do to make money during the winter and paying attention to my other loves, art and writing. If I could get something that I would enjoy creating, I have a couple of galleries that I know would take my work (they have before) but it is just figuring out the idea. I like weaving, though, there is something of the meditative aspects of gardening to it. And similarly, I can think about ideas for my writing while I’m doing it. I am finding I like color and pattern, texture without content which is pretty ironic for a illustration major. But a good friend of mine at art school always contended that I should have been a fine arts major… ah, well- I never would have done it, I like books too much.


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