post turkey

Well, it was a lot of work to prepare for but what a lovely feast we had on Thursday! We volunteered to host it this year and, in the days before Thanksgiving, my sweet Jack actually made me a table to hold ten people! I am so happy with it, I am actually writing on it right now and am resisting his impulse to take it down cellar and cut a foot off. My sister and her husband gave us quite a nice bit of birch flooring when they were making their house, a year or so back, and that is what Jack used as the top, with spruce for the base. Oh, the birch is soo pretty. We finished it with walnut oil, which makes it especially lovely.

I have also been doing finances and reading my favorite cookbook at my table this morning. The cookbook is called Maine Mapmaker’s Kitchen and is written by Jane Crosen (with Richard Washburn, her sweetie) who is a coastal Mainer, like me. One of the reasons I love this book is that it seems like she didn’t say, “Hum, I want to write a cookbook… now what should I put in it?” rather, she seems to have said, “Oh, I have so many recipes I love- huh, maybe I should share them!” So, she has many examples of making the recipes for herself & her loved ones and tips on storage, etc. Plus she was a vegetarian for years (I went to a book talk she gave… but if I get something wrong please blame my addled brain), I think I remember her saying that she cooked at Findhorn, but now is back to eating meat- perhaps in part because the meat in this area is so darn healthy (everyone here seems to be growing happy healthy organic livestock). I come from a back-to-the-land/alternative background and so her comments and choices seem so cozy to me (yes, I find Tempeh to be a bit nostalgic, if you can believe it- not so unbelievable if you are twenty but I am pushing forty).  Jack and I are of the fish and fowl crowd ourselves (I had medical issues in my teens that went away when I stopped eating mammals) but I too have considered eating steak again having seen the amount of heath and happiness in our local bovine community.

Anyway, I highly recommend at least getting the Maine Mapmaker’s Kitchen out of the library and taking a peek. Try the Raspberry Hazelnut Thumbprints, they are to die for! Yum… Raspberry…

Just a quick mention of the other thing I was doing at my wonderful new table, finances. One of my goals this year is to become really good at doing my finances so I have been researching and getting some really good advice. The absolute best thing we did was to start doing our finances every Sunday, instead of just once a month. It means we really have enough time to devote to researching and working on our finances.

I just finished reading Wealth Watchers, which I enjoyed, and we have her weekly journal page posted on our fridge each week (three weeks worth so far) so we can track our spending.  I have been reading other people’s blogs about doing finances (there are many good ones out there) and found one that really spoke to me called The Centcible Life. She has a really great page devoted to her life list (the best reason, I think, for paying attention to finances!) which has inspired me to do likewise. As I was writing my desires I realized that the thing I really wish the most for is time. My brother-in-law put it well, just recently, when he said that just a couple more hundred years would do him just fine. Well, perhaps the good thing about having limited time is that gives me the opportunity to search out what really matters to me.


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