It’s Spring! Sort of…

The vernal equinox was on Sunday and I had a beautiful row of tulips poking their little leaves out of the ground. The rain had taken care of the several feet of snow we had had and I almost said “Yay! Spring is here!” but being a true Mainer, I said, “Hum, Jack, we better take you to the airport when you go to San Fransisco, so we can have your car here, just in case it snows again (it turns out my beautiful pickup is terrible in the snow).” Now, perhaps I jinxed it all, but sure enough today we had a good five inches of snow. Little bugs were climbing all over it when we took a walk after going to the bank today- I hope they survive their frosting.

Ah well, I know that spring is in sight, winter is just having a few last little hiccups. I guess I must be a fair weather blogger since I haven’t posted anything since I put the gardens to bed last fall. What was I doing all winter? Hibernating clearly, since I can’t seem to remember any of it! Anyway, I had better go to bed since I am taking Jack to the airport tomorrow at 5 am. Then I get to have some real quality bonding time with Yva for a week and a half. I am interested to experience mother/daughter alone time now that she has learned how to talk. She is becoming such a little person, with personality and desires. Two and a half is such a passionate age, she feels things so strongly. It puts me more in touch with my desires, have I become a little numb over the years?

Anyway, wasn’t I saying something about bed? Happy Spring!


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