Small Island Garden

I have a new client for the spring, which I am so excited about! It’s a total redesign of a small in-town garden.  Having this job along with my usual load will be a bit crazy, but… oh well, I love gardening. And it will be fun to get over to the Island a bit and visit my grandmother more. So, what we are doing is taking out the lawn and putting in some of my favorite elements from the large estates around here- ferns, blueberries, dogwoods, etc.  It’s been interesting choosing plants because what you put in matters so much on a small scale. I have been playing in my head with the idea of wild vs planned, I think I fall on the more designed side perhaps in part due to my hair-trigger urge to weed :P.

Below is my mental musings about the plants I may use. First I created a drawing of the plot on graph paper and then I put a computer “parchment” paper on top to do my plan on so I could erase and make changes easily. You can’t really see the lines of the graph paper in the photo, but when I am working I can see them easily.

I just had a lovely conversation with another gardener about plants and “must-haves.” I am going on the ninth to see her garden, which I am very excited about. Of course, it’s a new garden and it will be in it’s winter aspect but I’m able to imagine future and summer quite well from early gardens so that shouldn’t be too much of a problem. It was fun to ooh and ah over lovely plants like the stewartias, the philadelphias, and the pieris’ and share thoughts about pruning. I’ll be sure to take pictures of her garden and share them here if she doesn’t mind. She is also sending me a great bread recipe which I will also share if I can get it to work!

Anyway, day four of no Jack. I am definately missing him.


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