sage advice

Lola and I have a joke that whenever we need to know something we go for Sage advice, it really does seem like Sage knows a little bit about everything- and she is the kind of person I enjoy listening to. We chatted a little about allelopathic plants today and she said that she has one of the chestnuts that is resistant to the blight. But she says she got it quite a while ago, it is a very slow grower and she was wondering if they had improved on them since she got it. She also reminisced about a butternut that she had had that was supposed to be allelopathic but she had a large garden under it that never seemed to have any problems. And I told her that it was one of the more mildly allelopathic trees- as the WVU Extension Services says:

Other trees closely related to black walnut also produce juglone, including butternut, English walnut, pecan, shagbark hickory, and bitternut hickory. However, all produce such limited quantities compared to the black walnut that toxicity to other plants is rarely observed.

I got to clean off the moss knot today which I enjoyed. It is really a lovely thing. It’s a stone design whose negative spaces are interplanted with all sorts of different mosses. I don’t want one in my house, too fussy, but man is it pretty. Cleaning it off is nice and meditative, sort of like raking, but a little more dicey because it is easy to pull up moss (since we had to re-lay it last year due to construction and the moss isn’t very well stuck in some places yet).

It was a beautiful day out, sunny and the perfect temperature- no bugs. These days are rare but so nice. The gardens are starting to shape up.


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