Life List

I love life lists, getting to see all the fun and crazy things people want to do with their lives. I have been familiar with the idea for some time but was completely inspired to create on of my one when I was bopping around Kelly Whalen’s blog, The Centsible Life. So… what do I want to to do with my life? If you had caught me with this question three years ago I might have said, everything! But now I’m older and tireder (clearly) and now I just want to do nearly everything.

  1. Adopt a Friesian
  2. Ride with Yva down all the old woods roads looking for mushrooms
  3. Expand my vegetable garden
  4. Finish one of my books and get it published
  5. Go downhill skiing
  6. Remodel our house
  7. Buy a set of Carole Beal pottery in red
  8. Make an art studio in my house
  9. Get my PhD
  10. Contribute positively to the world
  11. Be more contented in my skin
  12. Learn to weave overshot
  13. Build a treehouse
  14. Be in charge of my money, not the other way around
  15. Tour beautiful home gardens around the world
  16. Meet people I admire
  17. Create a consistent income from my writing
  18. Have all the dishes clean and put away
  19. Learn to be a wonderful cook
  20. Spend more time on my passions
  21. Give Yva the gift of 10,000 hours in ? so that she has a
    work passion that will earn her money before she leaves home
  22. Acquire a (quiet) dishwasher
  23. Boat down the Bosporus
  24. Renew my marriage vows again in my garden
  25. Repaint all the trim in my house
  26. Learn more languages
  27. Create woodcuts
  28. Spend more time cuddling in bed and less time on household chores
  29. Become more efficient at said household chores
  30. Buy a new pair of Beausoleil glasses just like my old ones
    (but without all of the scratches & chips)
  31. Trailer my sailboat back from camp and paint it
  32. Cook more dinner parties for good friends
  33. Make my garden more of a complete design
  34. Play the penny whistle
  35. Invite my grandmother to come and stay
  36. See some of the great rare book collections of the world
  37. Sail to and see as many islands as I can
  38. Live in a beautiful old cottage on an island

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